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Our Mission

It is the mission of CIDP Will Not Win to raise awareness, promote research to find a cure and ultimately raise the quality of life of those suffering from CIDP by providing grants for treatment and management of the disease.

About Us


How this all started...

This all started a few years ago when a kid wanted to stand up and make a difference.  Here is his story.  

I am working to raise money for a cure for CIDP! This is my story.  My name is Jace.  I started working on this foundation when I was 11 years old. CIDP is very serious to me because my mom has this rare disease. One day her and I were in the car talking about her disease. Like a light bulb, the idea came to me to start a foundation. My goal is to raise $800 million dollars for all the people in the world that have CIDP to receive treatment. I think no one should have to go through chronic pain. I want to fight this disease like my mom does everyday. By being an entrepreneur, I will raise money to put towards this foundation, but, I also need help to raise money because I am one kid. So please help me fight this mean disease.  



This is my mom and I enjoying being silly together. This is why I want to fight this disease.    

Jace is working hard on other things in school and working his way to college.  We continue the fight he started and work to help as many people as we can.



Family is what keeps us moving forward down this road to help others.  We think it is very important.  We are thankful for all the love and support received while we have navigated this journey.