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I am working to raise money for a cure for CIDP! This is my story.
My name is Jace. I am 13 years old. I started this foundation working on this foundation when I was 11 years old. CIDP is very serious to me because my mom has this rare disease. One day her and I were in the car talking about her disease. Like a light bulb, the idea came to me to start a foundation. My goal is to raise $800 million dollars for all the people in the world that have CIDP to receive treatment. I think no one should have to go through chronic pain. I want to fight this disease like my mom does everyday. By being an entrepreneur, I will raise money to put towards this foundation, but, I also need help to raise money because I am one kid. So please help me fight this mean disease.

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This is my mom and I enjoying being silly together. This is why I want to fight this disease.

CIDP Will Not Win!

Donations will be used to help with treatments
for this rare disease.
For more information and resources please contact us.
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